Judy B was 24 years old when she set off on her travels abroad. She must have come from a rather well-to-do family… for one thing, they could afford to send her on an almost three-month European tour. She also notes that she set off with $1000 in traveler’s checks for spending money and, throughout the trip, she ends up asking Dad to send her $200 more… twice!

Along the way, Judy B buys cashmere sweaters, Liberty silk scarves, crystal goblets, a gold bracelet and charms, souvenir silver charms and spoons, perfumes, and various clothing items (including a bit of Christian Dior in Paris at the end of the trip). At first I wondered how she was going to carry all this in her luggage but after a while I realized that she was, of course, shipping her gifts and souvenirs home. In the back of the journal, Judy B kept a complete list of all her purchases and other expenses, as well as the dates of letters sent to family and friends.

Judy B faithfully writes every day in her diary, noting all the gorgeous sights seen (both historical and male!), clubs and restaurants visited, etc. She is admired and flirted with by the European men but observes, “I can see why American girls seldom marry foreign boys – plenty of charm but no money!”

I hope you find this trip as enjoyable as I did.

(P.S. – I’ve done minimal editing, just enough to maintain clarity. Most of Judy B’s original spelling and punctuation remain intact.)