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Thank you to all of Judy’s readers and subscribers, I hope you enjoyed your trip!

Judy inspired me to keep my own travel diary during a recent excursion abroad… I hope she inspires journaling in others, too. It was fun to do and I’m able to re-live my trip, in detail, whenever I like. Memories fade… hopefully, the ink won’t!

What’s next for Judy Travels Abroad? I welcome suggestions. At this time, I’m leaning towards leaving the journal entries online for now, then deleting and re-publishing day-by-day again next year. What do you think? Please comment or message me with your ideas.

Thanks again for joining Judy on her travels abroad!





My heartfelt appreciation goes to:
Elissa for her invaluable assistance in transcribing part of the the journal.
Postmatic, for improving the appearance of this blog and providing an easy way for readers to subscribe to the daily entries.
Thank you!

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