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Date: Wednesday, August 13, 1958
Place: Nice
Weather: Very nice

Slept ’til about 9:00 and after breakfast came to pack everything for over-night train ride to Paris. Found poor Judy H.’s suit-case which as been missing since arrival in our room! John was really mad! Also everyone is putting their luggage in here so it looks like a miniature Grand Central Station! John went down to the beach with Jan and I (took some pictures with my camera).

After staying about an hour and a half and eating another sack lunch I came home with more sun-burn! Ouch!!

Sheila and I just came in from shopping. I got Clare two record albums ($10.20) for his birthday and some binoculars ($28.23) complete with leather case. (Hope they’re what he wants!) After dinner served by the cute waiter from Ireland, we left for the station and our over-night train ride for Paris. Had six in our compartment –  Patty, Sue, Marge, Judy S., Mary-Ann, and I. As I was going in I asked Jamie where I should go and he said I could come in with him! (Almost did!)

What a ride – almost as bad as the one from Edinburgh. No one could sleep – as Marge said the beds were like tooth-picks but at least we had canvas sheets!

The cuisine of Nice focuses on the use of local ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, seafood, and olive oil. The area has a number of native dishes.

Probably the most well-known local dish is ratatouille, a vegetable stew that includes zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, and herbs. A common way to prepare the dish is to first sauté each vegetable separately, then layer them in a dish and bake.

Salade Nicoise is a cold salad that includes only uncooked vegetables – lettuce, onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Other ingredients include hard boiled eggs, fava beans, and black olives. Another addition is tuna or anchovies – only one is to be used, never both.

Pissaladière is a tart topped with onion, anchovies, garlic, and olives. It is usually served as an appetizer.

Farcis Niçois is made of hollowed-out vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, peppers) stuffed with a mix of meat, bread crumbs, and herbs. The baked dish can be served hot or cold.

Socca, a popular street food, is a flat pancake made of chickpea flour, olive oil, and salt. It is crispy on the edges and soft in the middle. The dish is usually eaten hot and generously seasoned with black pepper.


Socca. Image courtesy of Paul Downey via a Creative Commons license.

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