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Date: Monday, August 18, 1958
Place: Paris
Weather: Rainy

Sue and I went down to shop this morning but were quite disappointed to find that most of the stores were closed. Did buy my charm of the Eiffel Tower (gold, $8.00) and a sterling spoon of Notre Dame ($4.86). Had lunch ($1.71) at the Pam Pam with John and then went to an art museum (Degas, Monet, etc.) then back for dinner (hot dog and french fries, 57 cents) with Judy S. , Patty, and Otter. Judy S. cried when I left. Really sad.

Got to Orly to find that they didn’t have my reservation for flight 727. Met Shirleen, a girl from the other AYA group who was going on 951, a later flight at 11:00 P.M. stopping at Shannon, Ireland. At the last minute I got on that flight and we’re even sitting together. Not too lucky. Before take off we were informed that something was wrong and two spark plugs were needed so we have a 30 minute wait!

We have an hour’s stop in Shannon so I’m getting to see Ireland after all! Got out to send Dad a telegram and then got a beautiful Irish linen luncheon set ($10.00). Slept from about 3:30 to 9:30 (still Paris time) and had sandwiches and coffee on the plane. We got into Idlewild at 7:15 P.M. Paris time and 2:15 P.M. New York time. I was worried about going through customs ’cause I bought more than $500.00 worth, but they opened my suit cases and hardly looked at anything so they’ll never know!

Mom, Dad, and Clare were waiting for me and was I glad to see them! Had a wonderful summer, but it’s so nice to be home!

Orly Airport (ORY) is located approximately 9 miles south of Paris, France. Originally known as Villeneuve-Orly Airport, it opened in 1932 to serve in addition to Le Bourget Airport. It is currently the second busiest airport in France.

When Germany occupied France during World War II, Orly was used for air operations by the Luftwaffe. As a result, the airport was repeatedly attacked and suffered bomb damage. After the war ended, Orly was rebuilt by the United States Air Force in 1944. In 1947, control of the airport was returned to the French government.

Orly Airport

Orly Airport. Image courtesy of ENAC via a Creative Commons license.

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