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Date: Wednesday, July 2, 1958
Hot! Hot! Hot!!!

Sue and I went shopping this morning. I got a blue and white Norwegian ski sweater, a Wiking boat for my charm bracelet, a spoon for my collection, and a purple enamel set for mom. After lunch, Betsy, Sue, and I went back to the Park in our bermudas (I must be impressed with the statues). On the way home we met these fellas from the States going to summer school in Oslo. We left Oslo on the 10:00 overnight train for Stockholm. Not too jerky – so that’s why the writing is like this – there’s no club car! (Judy is being sarcastic, the writing is terrible!)

Dale of Norway, a Norwegian company that has manufactured sweaters and other woolen products since 1879, has supplied the Norwegian national ski team with sweaters since 1956.

Norwegian designs are inspired by nature and history and one of the best-known, the Lusekofte sweater, translates literally as “lice jacket” and was named for the isolated small groups of black stitches. Originally made in black and white, Lusekofte sweaters were discovered by tourists in the 1920s and are now produced in many different patterns and colors.

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