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Date: Wednesday, July 16, 1958
Kologne, Rudesheim

Good luck on trying to write with a hang-over. It’s 1:20 and I just got in after being out with John on a tour of all the wine-cellars! Sure was a fabulous evening!

Got up this morning and after breakfast we all hurried down to take pictures of the Cathedral.

Then we took a train, about an hour to the place where we had lunch. I sat with John, but slept most of the way. After lunch we took a steamer down the Rhine from 1:30 ’til 6:30 and it got quite cold! Glad I wore my wool suit! There were lots of beautiful castles along the way.

We started on our tour of the wine cellars about 8:30. I just had time to change into my cotton knit, and was informed by the little man at the hotel that I had a package from Dad.

As soon as we got to our first cellar, John asked me to dance. He told me that this other fella at the next table (cute) asked me to dance but I didn’t see him. Pretty soon we left the crew of Marthas and went off by ourselves. John got me a sausage and bun and then we went to another one (tavern, that is). Had more fun dancing! Good luck on getting up at 8:00 tomorrow.

Construction of Cologne Cathedral (known as Kölner Dom in German) began in 1248 and was finally completed in 1880. The Roman Catholic cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne and was the world’s largest building from 1880 – 1884. It still holds the record for the world’s largest church facade.

Inside the Treasury of the cathedral is The Shrine of the Three Kings, a jewelled gold and silver reliquary containing the remains of the Three Magi. The piece was created by Nicholas of Verdun in the 1200’s.

The cathedral survived being hit by 14 bombs during World War II.

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