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Date: Tuesday, July 29, 1958
Place: Klagenfurt, Austria, Hotel Moser-Verdino
Weather: Rainy!

This was a day to end all days. We were on the bus from 7:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. Today we went through the mountains and there certainly was some beautiful scenery! (these mountains beat anything I saw in Switzerland). The highest peak was 9,000 feet above sea level! I’m sure there aren’t any springs in that bus and we just creeped and bumped along over winding roads about an inch every mile. Poor Judy H. had the hiccups, and everyone else was singing and making animal noises – just like being in a cage! Our hotel was really nice, and the dinner made up for it too. The dessert reminded us of Copenhagen! Even had a free bath in Sue’s tub. Our room didn’t have one. I’m really sore from yesterday’s work-out!

Klagenfurt (officially named Klagenfurt am W├Ârthersee in 2007) is the capital of Carinthia and the sixth-largest city in Austria. It is located on the shores of the W├Ârthersee, a lake formed by glaciers during the last ice age.

The name Klagenfurt has been translated to “ford of lament”, referring to flooding that had plagued the area, causing destruction and loss of life. Legend has it that a water dragon (lindwurm) was responsible for the area’s woes. In response, the Duke of Carinthia offered a reward for capturing the dragon. Villagers were eventually successful at trapping and killing the dragon by using a bull for bait.

In 1590, the Lindwurm monument was created by Ulrich Vogelsang to commemorate this heroic act. The statue is located on the Neuer Platz in the center of Klagenfurt.

Klagenfurt Lindwurm

Lindwurm. Image courtesy of Michael Ransburg via a Creative Commons license.

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