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Date: Sunday, July 20, 1958
Place: Bregenz, Austria
Weather: Rainy – Warm

Donna and I got up like good little girls at 7:00, had breakfast, and went to eight o’clock mass. Left at 9:00 and went through Zurich – not too exciting except that Bill Bobbsey kept sniffing and Sue gave him some toilet paper as a gentle hint!

The scenery through here was just beautiful – tall pointed mountains and the bluest water you’ve ever seen! (My camera was in my suitcase). We stopped at a cafe way up in the mountains and the stomachs, Sue, Judy, and I, as Mrs. Pratt would say, consumed coffee, hot dogs, and pastries joined by Big Rock who couldn’t understand why we were eating just before lunch.

Stopped in Liechtenstein for our sack lunches – good luck, more hard rolls – never want to see another one, and when I get home I want some hamburgers and chocolate cake.

Decided to get dressed up for dinner, (We are staying at the Krone Hotel – rooming with Donna K.) so wore my new sack dress. As I was leaving the table John was right behind me, and gave me a poke saying “See you’re wearing your sexy sax.” Sue was taking in this touching scene from the rear! We went to a light opera, the Bartered Bride. It was out-of-doors, and we were on one side, and the action took place on the other side separated by water. It really was beautiful, costumes, settings, and all, but it was too long, and besides that it rained every now and then.

When I got in after the opera, Donna wasn’t back, so I had to go down to get the key, and this real cute blond bus-boy said he had a room and I could come down there! Good Luck!!

It is very likely that the opera Judy attended was part of the Bregenz Festival (Bregenzer Festspiele). The festival is held every July and August in Bregenz, Austria. The festival was founded in 1946 and the original week-long event was called Bregenz Festwoche. Because Bregenz did not have a theater at that time, the festival’s first performance (Mozart’s Bastien and Bastienne) took place on two barges docked in Lake Constance.

Today, the festival continues its tradition of staging productions over Lake Constance on the Seebühne (or floating stage). The Seebühne is the largest stage of its type. The dramatic lake setting is taken into consideration when designing sets for performances as it acts as an extension of the stage.

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra has been the festival’s orchestra in residence since its beginning.

Bregenzer Festspiele

Bregenzer Festspiele’s 2011 performance of André Chénier. Image courtesy of Rowena Waack via a Creative Commons license.

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