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Date: Saturday, July 5, 1958

After breakfast, Sue and I went by sub-way to Old Town where we spent all morning walking around and looking in the old shops. At 12:30 we had lunch in the Gondolen Restaurant which is way up high and you have to take an elevator to reach it. I saw it on color TV, and was really impressed with the view of the city. (Had steak again with a delicious cheese sauce!)

The Gondolen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Got a letter from Christian. (He’s studying English and told me to study French.) Back to the hotel to pack – heard Frank Sinatra on the radio, and took the over-night train to Copenhagen. Believe it or not I went to bed at 8:30!!

Old Town, also known as Gamla Stan, is the medieval city center of Stockholm. The town dates to the 13th century and is made up of three islands – Riddarholmen, Stadsholmen and Helgeandsholmen. Most of the buildings date from the 16th and 17th centuries and are protected by government order. The architecture has a clear North German influence.

Gamla Stan is made up of winding cobblestone streets, golden-colored buildings, and town squares. Stortorget, located in the center of town, is the oldest square in Stockholm. Köpmangatan, the oldest street in Stockholm, branches off of this square. Within Gamla Stan, there are neighborhoods that have been named after Greek and Roman gods.

Among the historical and cultural sites in Gamla Stan are the Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, and the House of Parliament.

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