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Date: Monday, July 28, 1958
Place: Salsburg, Austria
Weather: Warm!

What a day – actually the tour reminded me of one big trip to an amusement park. First to Hallein for a descent to the saltmines reached by another cable-car ride to this huge mountain! Everyone had to dress in white cotton pants which tied around the ankles and white shirts with long sleeves. (We looked like creatures from outer-space!) We walked through long dark tunnels, and then cheers we had to slide down these slides – ten times worse than roller-coasters – straight down and in the dark no less! After about five of these we came to an under-ground salt-water lake and had a ride around that and then a ride on a long board-like thing – also in the dark. It was different to say the least, but I could have done without those slides. When we finally arrived in the open air again and were changing our clothes, I found that my skirt had ripped all the way up the back! Madame Queen consented to let me wear her blue rain-coat which was miles too long but served the purpose!

After this we went to Hellbrunn Castle where the Arch-Duke of Austria lived. He either had a good sense of humor or was crazy – take your pick! He had water coming out of every-thing from statues to benches at a table so during our tour we played water games! Had lunch here and were entertained by the screams of the tourists who were getting un-expected baths.

Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Palace. Image courtesy of Tjflex2 via a Creative Commons license.

After lunch Sue and I came back here to sleep for an hour and Marge told the man at the desk to wake us up at 4:00. At 4:00 he knocked on the door and said there was a gentleman down-stairs to see me. Sue and I thought we were hearing things, but when we got down here was this darling fella waiting to take us on a tour. (His name was Gurd). We went through a park, to Mozart’s birth place, and the church-yard where Everyman is given then he brought us home on the bus. After dinner we went to the Marionettes Theater to see The Magic Flute, and then Judy S., Herbert (our cute bus driver) and I went to send Judy S.’s parents a telegram.

Hellbrun Palace was built in the early 17th century by Santino Solari for Markus Sittikus, the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg. It was planned as a summer daytime residence and seen as a place of entertainment and relaxation. It has no bedrooms.

The presence of a spring on the property seemed to act as the inspiration for the development of numerous whimsical water features (wasserspiele) throughout the grounds. The fountains and water jets were designed with humor in mind – while walking through the gardens and grottos, guests would be surprised by sprays of water from nearby statues.

Fountain at Schloss Hellbrunn

Fountain at Schloss Hellbrunn. Image courtesy of Heather Cowper via a Creative Commons license.

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