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Date: Monday, July 21, 1958
Place: Bregenz, Austria
Weather: Cool on the mountain – Warm in town

Had a ride up the mountain this morning by cable car – lots of fun, and beautiful scenery! We also had lunch there – very good – separate serving plates for everyone filled with cold meats, salads and tomatoes. On the way to the sand box, Judy S. and I saw this Kirk Douglas type complete with beard who smiled at us as we went by and his dog. We stopped to pet the dog, named Nellie, and later found out that he owned the hotel!

After coming down, I got ambitious and washed out some things and then sacked out for the rest of the afternoon after reading a tear-jerker novel in the Red-Book. Everyone got dressed up for dinner since we were going to a play (4 hours long – in German at that. I wasn’t impressed!) Wore my black (dress) and as I went out to get Sue, I ran into the line up consisting of John on the stairs who said I looked “Racy” (?), the bus driver, and my blond who whistled. (Oh yes, last night at 1:20, Donna and I were in bed talking when the door opened. I looked up expecting to see the blond, but it was the Rock coming in to tell us that he had found this really neat bar near the hotel!)

As we were getting ready to go, my blond was there giving me the eye, and when we got to the play, John, Sue, and I were ready to leave. We left right after the first scene, sneaking by this little man who unlocked the door to let us out, and ended up the evening drinking wine and dancing at John’s find the night before. Home to pack 1:30.

The Pfänderbahn is a gondola ride in Bregenz, Austria that takes passengers up Pfänder mountain. It was constructed from July 1926 to February 1927 and opened to the public in March 1927. At the time it opened, it was one of the first cable cars in Austria. The original plan was for the construction of a cog railway, but it was later scrapped. The station buildings were designed by architect Willibald Braun.

Rides up the mountain last approximately six minutes and each cable car can accommodate up to 80 passengers. The 1.28 mile-long ride offers outstanding views of Lake Constance, Bregenzerwald (Bregenz Forest), and the Alps, as well as Austria’s neighbors, Switzerland and Germany.


Pfänderbahn, Bregenz, Austria. Image courtesy of Kecko via a Creative Commons license.

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