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Date: Friday, July 11, 1958

Woke up this morning with a heck of a tooth-ache! After breakfast we went on a canal tour of the harbor, not too impressed. After the trip, we were taken to our new hotel to join the Ambassador Group with John R. who sort of reminds of of Mr. Shamefelt! (Looks just like Mel Torme, too!) The hi-point of the day was a letter from Bill!

Went shopping, but didn’t feel like buying anything but a spoon ($1.84). I certainly am not impressed with this crew of Martha-like characters, either. Judy, Sue, and I wish we were back with Mrs. P. Had supper at the horrible place we were at yesterday for lunch. Went back to the student center – danced with Jen, had ice-cream and then back to the hotel.

The development of Amsterdam is considered a brilliant example of effective city planning. Growth of the city involved draining swampland and backfilling areas. Its network of canals (grachtengordel) was created over time to address a number of issues – water management, defense, residential development, and commercial progress.

Amsterdam’s four main canals, Herengracht, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, and Singelgracht were created in the 17th century and form concentric half-circles around the IJ Bay. Since then, smaller canals have branched off from the center and today, 165 canals exist with a combined length of 60 miles.

If anyone knows who “Mr. Shamefelt” is, or what Judy means by “Martha-like characters”, please do leave a comment!

Mel Torme, “You Ought to be in Pictures”:

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