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Date:  Saturday, July 12, 1958
Place:   Hotel Museum Pension (just like The Rothesay)
Sue’s: “Can’t believe that two such places could exist but of course curly-locks John helps us endure cruel fate!”
Join the club, tub.
Weather:  not noted

Boy, what a night – that darn tooth kept me awake all night so in the morning, Angel of Mercy (??) Sue R. served breakfast in bed to the suffering Miss B— (me). John found a dentist for me but he didn’t work Saturdays so this real nice fella in the hotel called another one and made an appointment for me at 1:00. Judy, Marge, and I went downtown and I just had time to buy a shoe charm ($3.16) before going to lunch.

The dentist was the sweetest little man you ever saw. He had to lance my gum. First he squirted something on it to freeze it, so I didn’t even feel it. All he charged was three guilders + 50 cents (93 cents US!). Dr. Smith would have charged at least $10.00! My jaw was so swollen before that I looked like a squirrel with its mouth full.

Sue and I went back downtown shopping and I got a darling blue pleated skirt ($10.40) and blue and white striped blouse ($4.90). Then went back to the hotel and called mom on the phone, $20.00 for six minutes! I was so glad to talk to her that it was worth every cent. I called at quarter after five and it was quarter after eleven a.m. at the lake.

Our new group of Marthas also includes two horrible bachelor brothers complete with pipes! Even the Kansas State Crew would look fabulous compared to them!

(Sue’s comment is written in different ink/handwriting. Apparently Sue wanted to add her own observation to Judy’s notation today.)


Amsterdam is one of the world’s most bicycle-friendly cities. In fact, there are more bicycles in the city than there are residents. Contributing to the favorable conditions are the city’s flat topography and cost-prohibitive car culture. More than 60% of Amsterdam residents ride their bike on a daily basis and more than 45% of the city’s traffic comes from bikes.

Amsterdam has approximately 250 miles of designated bike lanes. These are known as fietspaden – they are painted a reddish-brown and include white lines and bike symbols. For the purpose of safety, the city has signs and traffic lights created specifically for cyclists.

Cycling For Everyone from Dutch Cycling Embassy on Vimeo.

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