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Date: Wednesday, June 25, 1958
Place: Train to Newcastle – SS Venus
Weather: Cool

Got up this morning at 6:45 after going to bed at 2:15! The train left London at 9:00 – I tried sleeping but those trains are too uncomfortable.

We got on ship at 4:00, just in time for tea; so Sue and I had whipped cream cake and cocoa. Norwegian food is much better than English food. For supper I had perch which was really good.

Afterwards we visited the Ship Shop. I got some stamps for Aunt Marie, pin and earrings for mom, another pin, and a toy seal named So-Ho (after Bunjies!) Wrote some letters, had a beer at the bar and am going to bed early – 11:30!!

Whipped cream cake is an old-fashioned recipe requiring no butter or oil, the cream provides all the butterfat needed for a delicious cake! This wonderful recipe can be found in the book Rose’s Heavenly Cakes.


Traditional Norwegian cuisine is based on the accessibility of resources in Norway and its varied landscape – it has a strong emphasis on fish and game. Norwegians eat fish three to four times a week and prepare it in a variety of ways. Game includes moose, fowl, and reindeer. Food preservation is a common practice, as Norway has long winters.

The national bread of Norway is a flat bread called lefse. Traditional vegetables include cabbage and root vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots. Herbs used in cooking include dill, parsley, and chives. Aquavit is the national drink of Norway. The beverage is distilled from grain or potato and may be flavored with caraway, fennel, or cumin seed.

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