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Maritime time table

A must-have for trip planning. Image from the collection of Björn Larsson.

Date: Wednesday, June 11, 1958
Place: At sea
Weather: Cloudy and cool

Took a taxi to Pier 42 and got on board the Arosa Sky (Norwegian line) at 10:00. Met room-mates.

  • Mynie (Kansas)
  • Susan (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  • Mary (New York)
  • Nancy (New York)

Meals are fine!

Mynie and I got our deck chairs. Hope we can use them tomorrow. Felt kind of sick, but Mrs P, our tour leader gave me a pill at dinner and that really helped!

In 1959, just one year after Judy B’s trip, the Arosa Sky was sold by the Arosa Line (Judy mistakenly attributes the ship to the Norwegian Line) to the Costa Line. The ship was renamed Bianca C after the company manager’s daughter.

In October 1961, while anchored off Grenada, there was an explosion in the main boiler room which immediately killed one crew member. The entire ship was soon on fire but all other passengers and crew had been able to escape. Unfortunately, two more crew members later died of burns. The Bianca C burned for several days. A frigate managed to pull it out of the harbor, though it didn’t get far before the Bianca C sank.

The Bianca C is the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean and is promoted by Grenada as a tourist attraction.

The Arosa Sky/Bianca C at rest.

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