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Date: Thursday, June 26, 1958
Place: Bergen
Weather: Nice for a change!

Sue and I missed breakfast as usual, so lunch really tasted good. Went back to the ship shop and spent more money. Got a bracelet to go with mom’s set, and a Norwegian bracelet.

As we were about to land we noticed this white yacht and were informed that it belonged to the King of Norway. (He was just crowned on Sunday and was paying a visit to Bergen). As soon as we went through customs on ship we were met by our guide Stan who is 24 and cute!

We are staying at the Victoria Hotel. Jane and I are in room 203. Had a letter from mom. We didn’t have time to go shopping ’cause we all rode up this huge mountain and the scenery from the top was just beautiful. You could see everything in the town – the lakes and fjords, and I just love it here. Betsy, J.M., Harry and I decided to walk down and it took about an hour, specially when we decided to take short-cuts right down the side! It was a good thing Harry was there to hold me up.

For supper we had this thin bread, just like thin waffles, and after we went to a folk festival where we saw the king again. He went right past us on the mountain, so got a good look at royalty.

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Floibanen is Bergen’s most popular tourist attraction and Norway’s only passenger cable railway. Opened in 1918, the carriages have been replaced with updated models three times over the years since then: in 1954, 1974, and 2002.

Now, more than one million people each year use this mode of transport up to the summit of Floyen, with never a serious accident in Floibanen’s nearly 100 year history. A platform on the top of Floyen offers stunning views of Bergen and the surrounding fjord and mountain landscape. While the carriage ride up lasts 5 to 8 minutes, a walk down will take approximately 45 minutes.

Olav V was born Alexander Edward Christian Frederik in 1903. As a child, he attended both military and non-military schools. He loved to sail and was quite good at it – he won a gold medal in sailing at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam. In 1929, he married his first cousin, Princess Martha of Sweden. They had three children together.

King Olav and his three children in 1958

King Olav and his three children in 1958. Image courtesy of the Municipal Archives of Trondheim via a Creative Commons license.

During World War II, Olav aligned with his father in fighting the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany. After the death of his father, he was consecrated as King on June 22, 1958 (Norway discarded coronation by constitutional amendment in 1908). King Olav was a very popular leader and was nicknamed Folkekongen (“The People’s King”).

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