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Date: Sunday, June 15, 1958
Place: Arosa Sky
Weather: Cold

Didn’t feel too well today but got up and went to 8:00 mass in the lounge. It was all in German so I didn’t understand a thing. Mynie and I took some pictures around the boat and then went to the 2:00 movie Escapade in Japan.

Felt better after dinner which was roast duck. Wrote some letters (one to Bill) and played cards.

Had to set watches ahead again.

Escapade in Japan tells the story of American boy Tony (Jon Provost), the survivor of a plane crash off the coast of Japan. He is separated from his parents and the other survivors, and is taken in by a Japanese fisherman.

He becomes friends with the fisherman’s son Hiko (Roger Nakagawa) and the two take off when they see the police closing in – they mistakenly believe that they’ve done something wrong, but the police are just looking for Tony. The two boys share an adventure as they travel through Japan, meeting different people and eluding the police.

Actor Jon Provost is best known for his work as Timmy in the television series Lassie. A young Clint Eastwood had an uncredited role as a search plane pilot in Escapade in Japan.

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