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Date: Saturday, June 21, 1958
Place: Stratford-on-Avon and London
Weather: Sunny, and cool!

I certainly didn’t get much sleep last night ’cause I was too cold! We got into London at 6:45 and I had two letters from mom and one from Bill! (Finally.) After eating at the Royal, we left for Stratford-on-Avon at 9:00. Our tour leader for the day, a Mrs. L, had a voice just like Anna Russell’s and along the way she gave us bits of information about points of interest, and when she came to them she was more excited than any of us – certainly more than me ’cause I was asleep most of the time – a great way to see London.

We stopped for coffee along the way and then saw Oxford College. We visited the college of Christ Church and went into the dining room consisting of many long tables, and various portraits along the walls. We ate lunch at a very nice place, and then we saw Romeo and Juliet which I enjoyed very much.

We ate supper at Ye Old Bull Head Inn, and had roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (bread dough). We got back to London at 11:00 and poor Alan had been waiting for me since 9:30. We saw the changing of the guards (sentry) at Buckingham Palace, took a walk, had coffee and then I came home at 1:00! Beat!!

Today, Christ Church has about 450 undergraduate and 150 graduate students. The College, which is affiliated with the University of Oxford in London, became co-ed in 1980 and now women make up about half of the student body. Christ Church has hosted several notable students, including philosopher John Locke, author Lewis Carroll, and founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn. Albert Einstein also studied there for a brief time in the 1930’s.

More recently, different locations at the College were used as settings for scenes in the Harry Potter films.

Yorkshire pudding is an English dish that was traditionally cooked in a large tin. The pudding batter was made from eggs, milk, and flour. It was often served before the main entree in an effort to fill people up and as a result, conserve portions of meat.

The origin of the recipe is unknown, but the name of Yorkshire pudding is credited to Hannah Glasse – in 1747, she published the recipe in her book, The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy.

Today, British Yorkshire Pudding Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in February.

Who is Anna Russell and what does her voice sound like? Ms. Russell (1911-2006) was an English-born comedienne whose one-woman shows became a major success in the early 1950s. Her musical parodies interlaced with deadpan humor entertained audiences on both sides of the Atlantic for many decades.

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