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Date: Saturday, June 14, 1958
Place: Arosa Sky
Weather: Still cold!

Slept in ’til 10:00 today so missed my advanced French class which I started yesterday. Went to the doctor’s (he’s German) and then Mynie and I went up to send radio-grams to our dads.

Didn’t stay long in our deck chairs – too cold! Went to the afternoon movie Saddle the Wind (another Western) and then to tea at 4:00. I don’t know why but I always feel sick after tea and it lasts all evening. Played cards and went to bed early (11:00).

Set watches ahead another hour. (3 hours later than at home.)

Today Judy B paid for a telegram home to her Dad for Father’s Day, which is tomorrow.

Saddle the Wind was the first original film screenplay written by Rod Serling, best known for creating the series The Twilight Zone. The film’s score was written by Elmer Bernstein.

In the film, former gunslinger Steve Sinclair (Robert Taylor) works on a ranch in a peaceful community, renting the land from Dennis Deneen (Donald Crisp). Things get complicated with the arrival of his wild younger brother Tony Sinclair (John Cassavetes) and Tony’s girlfriend Joan Blake (Julie London).

Tony gets in a shootout with a rival of Steve’s, Larry Venables (Charles McGraw), and kills him. He then encounters Clay Ellison (Royal Dano), a farmer with plans to claim his family’s land. Tony tries to drive Clay away, but Steve gets involved. Dennis believes that Clay has a right to the land, which agitates Tony and he murders Clay.

Steve decides to leave the ranch, but Tony’s behavior escalates – he attempts to kill Dennis after trying to take over the ranch. Tony runs away while Dennis’ men hunt him down. Things come to a tragic end when Steve finds Tony, who kills himself.

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