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Date: Monday, June 30, 1958
Oslo, Finally

What a day – actually I don’t care if I ever see another bus or train! After another huge smorgasbord breakfast we left our quaint hotel for a two hour bus ride to the railroad station. Before eating lunch we went to a folk museum and went into an old house 200 years old, complete with furniture, and clothing worn during that period. We had the very same family style lunch that we had last night for dinner!

Our train ride lasted six hours, and was it warm. Here I was in my suit and grey crewneck, thought I would roast and would have given anything for a swim in good old Lake Fenton. We finally got to Oslo, and student housing (U. of Oslo) only to find that our big suitcases which were shipped ahead weren’t here! No one knows where they are! After wearing my grey suit for a week I don’t care if I ever see that again either!

After getting our rooms and mail (I had a letter from Mom but none from Bill) we hurried down to supper and guess what we had – the same thing we had for lunch and dinner last night! We almost died. I hope we won’t have it for breakfast!

The University of Oslo was founded in Christiania (the former name of Oslo) in 1811 by King Frederick VI of Denmark – it began as Royal Frederick University (named after the King). The University would not receive its current name until 1939.

The University of Oslo was Norway’s only university until 1946 and it is now the oldest and largest university in that country. The University does not charge tuition fees, like all public institutions of higher education in Norway. The University is seen as one of Northern Europe’s most prestigious universities and has produced five Nobel Prize winners.

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