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Date: Monday, June 16, 1958
Place: Arosa Sky
Weather: Cold but sunny!

Talk about sleeping late! Slept right through breakfast and lunch and didn’t wake up til 12:30! Went out on deck long enough to see that the sun was out for a change. The movie today, No Time for Sergeants, was really funny.

Got some airmail stamps for my 3 letters and 4 post cards – $1.35. Dinner really tasted good and our younger German waiter was teasing me about sleeping so late. Had a group picture taken, and then Mynie, Clayton, and I took some more pictures.

Set watches ahead one hour.

Three letters were sent home today by Judy B: one each to her mother, her father, and her sweetheart Bill.

The film No Time for Sergeants was based on a best-selling novel by Mac Hyman. It was adapted for the stage by Ira Levin, best known as the author of Rosemary’s Baby. During the show’s Broadway run, Andy Griffith was nominated for a Tony for Best Featured Actor.

In the film, Will Stockdale (Andy Griffith) has been spared enrollment in the military by his father, who has been hiding draft notices. He’s finally found out and ends up joining the United States Air Force. Upon arriving at basic training, Will and the other recruits meet their commanding officer, no-nonsense Sergeant Orville King (Myron McCormick).

Will and his friend Ben Whitledge (Nick Adams) have a number of adventures, including stumbling upon an atomic bomb test site after falling asleep in a flying bomber. The two bail out of the plane safely before it crashes, but manage to be declared dead by Sergeant King. Once the two emerge as survivors, they are transferred to the infantry along with King.

No Time for Sergeants was actor Don Knotts‘ film debut. Knotts eventually went on to play Deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show.

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