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Date: Tuesday, June 10, 1958
Place:  New York
Weather:  Stormy!

Finished up at school (got out two days early) said good-by to everyone and Bill, and then Mom, Dad and Clare took me to Willow Run airport. Plane was late and we went through a bad storm. As a result, I got sick. Not much fun and to top it off, my reservation at the Henry Hudson was canceled. I ended up at some old hotel with four other girls I met on the plane at 3:00 in the morning!

Judy B's original journal

Judy B’s original journal

Notes: Bill is Judy B’s sweetheart and Clare is her brother.

Built in 1928 by the daughter of J.P. Morgan, The Henry Hudson Hotel started life as the American Women’s Association, a clubhouse and residence for young women. Following the clubhouse’s bankruptcy in 1941, the location re-opened as The Henry Hudson Hotel and welcomed both men and women. The building has since been through several incarnations but it is once again a hotel.

Willow Run Airport began its development when the land was purchased by Henry Ford in 1931. On the property, he managed a project where inner-city youth learned about farm life through the planting and harvesting of various crops. It was on this land that the Willow Run manufacturing complex was built in 1941. Through a contract to build B-24 Liberator bombers for the Army, Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh turned Willow Run into the world’s largest bomber facility. Nearly 8,700 bombers were built during World War II.

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