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Date: Friday, June 27, 1958
Place: Bergen, Voss, Stalheim
Weather: Sunny and quite warm

Today was really fun! Breakfast this morning was served smorgasbord style with everything you could imagine! We had a morning tour of Bergen and went out to Grieg’s home (the composer). It was just beautiful there and so quiet. (Not a bit like London!)

After that we went out to this old Norwegian church that is 800 years old. Stan sang some songs for us (The Happy Old Farming Man) that had us all laughing and we all joined in on the chorus.

After our tour we went directly to the station. Stan had gotten sandwiches for us at the hotel and we had pop too so it seemed just like a picnic. Some of the sandwiches were meat so I ate them and it seemed funny to eat meat on Friday but Father Hay said it was OK! So??

When we got to Voss we took the bus to Stalheim where we stayed all night. I never saw such beautiful scenery! The mountains are very high, some snow-capped, many with beautiful water-falls, and quaint little houses perched all over the sides!

Our hotel was the best yet – way up in the mountains made of red wood! The supper was delicious, and I got two darling hand-carved wooden figures (one a troll!) Mynie is staying here too, so we took a walk after supper.

Edvard Grieg, a Norwegian composer and pianist, was born in 1843. He is best known for his Piano Concerto in A minor and Peer Gynt (includes In the Hall of the Mountain King).

From the age of six, Grieg was given piano lessons by his mother, who had studied music at Hamburg. In 1858, he entered the Leipzig Conservatory, concentrating on the piano. During this time, Grieg suffered from a number of medical conditions, including pleurisy.

In 1867 he married his first cousin, Nina Hagerup – they had one child together. Architect Schak Bull designed a home named Troldhaugen for Grieg and his wife – the name translates to “Hill of the Trolls”. The building was completed in 1885 and the couple lived there until Grieg’s death in 1907 due to health complications.

Edvard Grieg's house

Edvard Grieg’s house, Troldhaugen. Image courtesy of the Multerland via a Creative Commons license.

An entertaining group at the Bergen International Festival singing a lively traditional folk song:

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