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Date: Friday, June 13, 1958
Place: Aboard the Arosa Sky
Weather: Cold!

We all got up this morning for breakfast and after that I had to go see the doctor about my arm and have to go back tomorrow because it started draining again – of all the luck! (Note: There’s no explanation of this issue.)

Sat in deck chairs before going to the 2:00 movie Merry Andrew which I had already seen in Florida. The ship was really rolling around and I felt kind of sick. Meals aren’t quite so appealing now. Played cards with Harry, Alan, John, Clayton, Sue, and Timmy.

Had to set our watches one hour ahead.

In Merry Andrew, teacher Andrew Larabee (Danny Kaye), strives to impress his father (Noel Purcell) by uncovering the statue of Pan at an archeological dig. His father is the headmaster at the school where he works – finding Pan would enable Andrew to get a promotion, and subsequently the hand of Letitia Fairchild (Patricia Cutts), his fiancée of five years.

While on his hunt for the statue, Andrew comes across the Gallini family traveling circus. The circus has been evicted from their land, which is now owned by local dairy farmer. Andrew manages to get the circus a one-week extension due to his relationship with the land owner.

Finally able to start his excavations, Andrew find an underground tunnel and accidentally ends up in the middle of a circus performance – and the lion act, at that. From that point on, he is embraced by the circus, seen as a natural performer. He subsequently attracts the attention of Selena Gallini (Pier Angeli). The two fall in love, unbeknownst to each other.

Complications ensue, including one of the circus chimpanzees finding the Pan statue. This results in both the engagement of Andrew and Selena and the pending nuptials of Andrew and Letitia. In the end, it all works out – Letitia marries Andrew’s brother Dudley, Andrew finally impresses his father and stays with Selena and the circus.

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