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I can’t help wondering what the tea rooms were like back in 1958. There is such a wide variety now! One can find trendy hipster tea rooms, cute little cottage-style tea rooms, elegant hotel tea rooms, etc. Currently in Edinburgh, you can have tea on The Royal Yacht Britannia, or sip your coffee in the very same room that J.K. Rowling used while writing much of her early novels.
Me? If I only had one opportunity to go to tea in Edinburgh, I’d prefer to spend my precious travel time in a cozy intimate tea room tucked down a side street. There, one often finds the pastries made in-house from generations-old family recipes and a small but well-thought-out selection of teas. I kind of like the look of Forsyth’s Tea Room

TravelScotland has a list of the Best Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms in Edinburgh, maybe you’ll find one to your taste!


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