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“My memories of Bunjies go back to the 1950s – no regular performers in those days – frequented by out of work actors, students (medics mainly), nurses and office workers (me) who wanted a bit of the boho scene.
Someone composed this song which we sang lustily to frowns from the management:

Old poppa Beethoven wrote this little song
To keep us contented and happy all day long
Sitting in Bunjies my heart began to throb
For one Cappuccino would set me back a bob
And for a sandwich, I’d have to sell my soul
For six weeks I’ve saved up to buy a sausage roll.

The medics would often bring in their skeletons and put the skulls over the wall lights, making the cellar look even more eerie. Someone would bring a guitar, someone else bongos and off we would go.”

~Smartlady, The Mudcat Cafe

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